It is more blessed to give than to receive

Sunday May 17 2020

Hopefully, you have given something out during

Hopefully, you have given something out during this this season. NET PHOTO 

By Min Atek

It was the last day and we were set for our graduation breakfast. Previously, each participant was given a name of a fellow participant in the class. That is the person each member was supposed to gift at the graduation ceremony. We all didn’t know who would gift us but we knew who we were to gift.

The simple rule was to do it in a way that the gift ministered to and blessed the recipient. Because we had learnt about money and financial stewardship, one of the core pillars is giving, we were challenged to plan and carefully choose the gifts. We were to spend as lavishly as possible on the person.

I have known myself as a giver. I was very excited by the whole project and I put a lot of thought into the gift I chose.

The day finally came and people started to give out their gifts. I nearly wanted to disappear from the event. It was clear that participants took the project seriously. From expensive polo shirts to designer shoes, expensive watches, jewellery, bags, artifacts and cookware.

But I was mesmerized by the person who gifted me, when she started to present item after item. She had taken time to study me and she outdid herself when it came to gifts.

I deeply treasure something given to me, especially when the person goes an extra mile to understand me and choosing the perfect gift for me.


The lockdown season will eventually end. This has been a once in a lifetime experience. A time when the entire world was on standstill. When the entire world was brought to its knees by a minute virus.

There is no better time to reach out than this. I learnt this years ago that we don’t give because we have a lot. We give because it is more pleasing and blessed to share with others.

Hopefully, you have given something out during this this season. I hope it was well thought of. I pray it conveyed your heart felt graciousness to the one who received.

It could have been food, it could have been cash or perhaps mobile money. Maybe what you gave was your time to listen and hear out another, but I honestly hope you gave.

I also hope you gave quietly and didn’t publicise it. But most especially I pray you continue giving even when this season is long gone and long forgotten.