It takes me time to choose a day’s outfit

Friday August 23 2019

Aminah Nabule Kagimu

Aminah Nabule Kagimu 

By Shabibah Nakirigya

Aminah Nabule Kagimu is a lecturer at Islamic University in Uganda- Kampala Campus. She is a newsanchor at Radio Simba, Star TV (UBC) and a property manager at Uvan properties limited. She has a degree in journalism and a masters degree in human resource management.

I sleep with my alarm clock besides my pillow. I wake up at 5am, head to the shower room, have my morning prayers (subhil) for 30 minutes. I also spare 30 minutes for reading and research.
As a lecturer and journalist, I must be informed on what has happened in and out of the country and prepare for my lectures. After having breakfast at 7:30am, I head to work.

We always have planning meetings with my team since we have a lot of field work. We review the requests and clients who want to inspect properties before buying and renting. Later, I go through the newspapers.
By 11:15am, I head to radio Simba in Bukoto to read the days’ bulletin which runs at every top of the hour. I read news for six days in a week.

My Tuesday routine is similar to that of Mondays. On Tuesdays, I have night bulletins to anchor on Star TV and I head to UBC for my 9pm bulletin. I go to the saloon for make-up for 30 minutes and I head to the news room to prepare for my bulletin.

I have four days TV bulletin, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. After the night bulletins, I go back home to be with my family. I do not sleep without preparing the attire I have to put on the following day because its hard in the morning to choose the right clothing.

I have morning lectures starting from 9am to midday. I usually prepare for lectures prior, just to be updated on what was covered the pervious time we met and going through the day’s topic. As a lecturer, you need to read ahead because some student are really brilliant.


It does not mean you must know everything, but as an authority of a course unit, it is only fair that when students ask questions, you are in position to answer. I lecture three times in a week. After teaching, I head to Simba FM to TV stations to read news.

Thursdays are not swamped like other days. So, I usually go for jogging or rope skipping to keep my body in shape. I also get time to watch news from home since most of the time I am always at work and I do not get time to watch news.

Besides my weekly routine, I head for prayers at the mosque. On Fridays, I always get time to mark my students’ papers, when everyone is asleep. This is one activity that requires utmost concentration.

I usually have afternoon lectures which starts at midday until 3pm. I do my bulletins later in the day.

If I have a wedding or any event, I wake up early and prepare breakfast for my family and prepare clothes for the day.
I take time to choose the right attire for the specific function. If there is no event to attend, once in a month, we have family day out. I also get time to inspect properties or those that are on sale.