Jose Hendo unveils barkcloth fashion

Saturday November 30 2019

Some of the unique outfits that Jose Hendo

Some of the unique outfits that Jose Hendo showcased during the annual Bark to the Roots (B2TR) exhibition at the Kampala Serena Hotel. Photo by Musinguzi Bamuturaki 

Did you know that you can add beautiful pieces of backcloth to your wadrobe collection?

Well, Jose Hendo launched her new barkcloth collection during the annual Bark to the Roots (B2TR) exhibition this month, at Kampala Serena Hotel.
On the runway were female and male outfits, T-shirts, bags, hats, shoes, wallets, mobile phone covers, card holders, a sofa and magazine rack, and lamp shades all made out of backcloth. There were also items made of jut, jeans and other materials.

According to Hendo, the signs of the now collection is about conserving the environment. “This collection features garments and accessories for people using Ugandan barkcloth in its natural form. The details on some of the garments are three R3, which stands for reduce, reuse and recycle. These remind us to be careful about the choices we make in regard to environment,” she said.

Asked what inspired her backcloth fashion collection, Hendo said: “When I was doing my research as an eco-sustainable fashion designer, I needed cloth that was organic, sustainable and suited my ethos. Barkcloth was a perfect choice and it enabled me to be creative.”

Some of the outfits of signs of the now collection are currently on display at the Museum of Decorative Arts Kunstgewerbe Museum in Berlin, Germany.

The Luganda name for barkcloth is olubugo. It is made from the inner bark of the mutuba tree.


The B2TR initiative was launched by Hendo in 2014. The initiative is anchored in the ethos of Sustainable Development Goals, aimed at preserving African heritage and the environment.

Hendo is a multiple award-winning London-based, eco-sustainable designer. She has designed and showcased signature creations, which have graced international fashion shows under the Jose Hendo label.