Keep your tiles durable and shimmering

Sunday July 26 2020
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To prevent tiles from fading, clean up spills immediately

The days of dull gray-cemented floors are long gone and most residential and commercial houses lately have tiles. No doubt, tiles give a touch of class and colour to any living space. They come in different patterns, colours, designs and shapes.
But nothing is as frustrating as walking into a house with dirty and stained tiles. Faded tiles too are common these days and are a complete turn off. But how does one keep their tiles clean and prevent them from fading? Doreen Tetui of Twinkie Spark says the kind of tiles one buys matter. She says oiginal ceramic tiles can do with conventional cleaning agents unlike wood which requires special care. Tetui says fake tiles easily fade.

Victoria Nannozi, the managing director, Nissi Classic Cleaners Limited, says quality tiles take long to fade. “On the Ugandan market, tiles from Spain are a bit expensive but they do not fade,” she says.
Nannozi also recommends cleaning the tiles regularly with plain warm water and warns against using harsh chemicals on the tiles.

“Most of the chemicals on the market for cleaning tiles are acidic. They will remove the dirt but will go with the shine on tiles. These chemicals create abrasions on the tiles letting them trap dirt and later fade. They will not leave your tiles the same,” Nannozi warns.
Some of the products on the market for cleaning tiles include Tile Cleaner, Combat and Stainex with prices ranging from UShs20,000 to 50,000 per five liter jerrycan.
Sumaya Bankiya, an interior designer, says tiles tend to build up a dirty layer that often discolours or makes the them fade after some time. The following tips can help to keep tiles shimmering for a long time.

Clean up spills
To avoid fading or discolouring of tiles, clean up immediately with a cloth or mop, when something has poured on the tiles. He says sweeping or vacuuming the tile floor regularly, helps to get rid of dirt build up. Bankiya says that you can also clean tiles with clean water after the first mopping.

The sitting room
According to Bankiya, the natural look in terms of stone effect floor on tiles is the best for a living room. If you are looking for a natural look, stone fect tiles with neutral colours pull off this look in the sitting room,” he sayHe says it is advisable to match the same tiles from the sitting room with ones in the dining room to ensure uniformity.

The bedroom
Bankiya says wood like tiles are a good option for tiling a bedroom because these tiles are warm, classy and give the bedroom a natural look.
The bathroom
Bankiya says vinyl tiles work perfectly well in bathrooms. This type it is cost-friendly and have some roughness to ensure safety.