Kintu mastered the art of multitasking

Saturday January 11 2020


By Charlotte Ninsiima.

I wake up at 5am, to plan and coordinate what will happen during workshops. Unlike people who have their breakfast at home, I normally have my breakfast at hotels, where we conduct human resource trainings from Monday to Friday. I also spend time with my youngest son, after a long crazy day at work.

I am a Rotarian and part of our mandate is to take part in service projects and attend fellowships every week. In cases when I am conducting a training upcountry, I do not go for Rotary activities. As an events manager, I man logistics that range from booking the hotel, transport, taking care of people’s welfare, even planning flight arrangements at a conference.

I spend this day planning weddings events of my clients. I mediate between couples and service providers from the wedding launch up to the last two days of the wedding. My role is coordinate all the activities of the wedding and to ensure that the couple does chase after service providers.

I generate reports from each training in different formats for different clients. Sometimes, I work through the night to meet my client’s expectations. I am a perfectionist, and, yet many times, I find myself with too many tasks to perform within a short time. I also mentor teenagers.

I plan and execute team building exercises for corporate organisations. As a way of remaining competitive, I look out for creative games to avoid boredom. I accommodate all kinds of teams that include those who are wild and those who want subtle fun. I work with a team if the numbers are beyond 20.

I find gratitude in the small things in life. I do a lot of YouTube. I love watching Trevor Noah. I watch both good and bad movies. I also do shopping on Saturday and workout. I love reading novels too. If am going to change something about myself, I read lots of books.


I watch television and play board games with my children. Once in a while I go dancing at night with my friends. I have learnt that I cannot be perfect at everything. If emceeing, training or managing events is well paying, go for it. I have crazy work schedules and sometimes, I reward myself with a travel ticket.

Mukalazi is a human resource consultant who has accrued more than 10 years’ experience. She also owns an events management company.