Lawyer gives hope to the helpless in Kagadi

Some of the beneficiaries of Nassolo’s humanitarian foundation.

What you need to know:

Inspiration: Growing up with a single mother, Milly Nassolo, 25, received support from relatives and friends through school. One day, she travelled to Kagadi where she found an expectant woman abandoned by health workers because she had no mama kit. She saved the mother but was overwhelmed by the stories of what women in areas go through to deliver, writes Gabriel Buule.

Milly Nassolo’s journey into charity started in Kagadi Hospital in Kagadi District. She was moved by women who walked more than seven kilometres from Kyenzige Village to the main hospital to access health care.
At that point, she was convinced that she could do something to change the status quo. “I felt the urge to return a favour to my late mother and those who helped us while growing up,” she adds
Nassolo, together with her husband Robert Kikomeko, chose to use part of their savings to invest in the underprivileged women and children in Kagadi. Initially, they chose to pay school fees for 15 orphaned children who could not access proper education.

Nassolo, 25, a lawyer ,never dreamt of travelling such a long distance for work. She says the few days she spent in the area, she came face to face with women dying in hospitals because of lack of simple items like cotton, and gloves, among others.
It is upon this background that she chose to start an initiative to rally women out of poverty. Today, she has solicited for funds to donate 412 maama kits to women in Kyenzige village in Kagadi District.

The transformation
“We started by helping 15 children and the number grew everyday as many families came to us seeking support. We opted to start a study centre which later transformed into a school. Today, we are educating 425 children,” Nassolo explains.
In 2014, Maisha Holistic Africa Foundation was registered in Kibaale District with a goal to support children, youth and women by offering a holistic approach to their health, social, economic and spiritual wellbeing. Besides, education services, Nassolo offers training on the best farming practices, encourages women to speak out when subjected to domestic violence and assists them get justice.

She also has a project that trains girls and mothers to make their own re-usable pads. Nassolo also offers counseling services to the women and the youth.
“We help secondary school dropouts who lack tuition to get back to schools by lobbying from well-wishers” she adds. Nassolo says she has also obtained free space from community radios to carry out HIV/Aids awareness campaigns through radio programme.

Future plans
She has plans to start a vocational secondary school, a health facility, medical institute and a factory that makes knickers and reusable sanitary pads for girls in Kagadi District.
Nassolo says her dream is to preside over a graduation ceremony of more than 20 girls she has assisted to go to school.
“Sometimes, it feels like we are not doing anything. We are overwhelmed by numbers. Every day, we receive parents and children who need support but our hands are tied. We cannot support everyone,” she explains.
According to Nassolo, they generate their own funds and sometimes receive funding from well-wishers. “We have been helped by other people who support our initiatives.

Brief Profile
Born on July 17 ,1992 ,Milly Nassolo, 25, went to Gombe Standard Primary School in Butambala District.
She later joined Mpigi Mixed Secondary School for her O- Level and Mpigi High School for A- level.
Nassolo went to Kampala International School where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Law in 2016.