Learning new things

Saturday July 27 2019


By Mark Kawalya

Last week’s piece about men and chores had some traction online most of which was negative. I probably should clarify. Many of the families, mine included with two or more children with parents that work demanding daily jobs use a live in domestic worker.

It is against this backdrop that I was suggesting things men can still do at home to be involved instead of spending the whole weekend watching TV because there is a hired house help. Hopefully this helps paint a better picture.

Onto this week’s piece. Have you ever been in a situation where you have no idea how to do something that is pretty obvious to everyone else around? It could be something as simple as how to work a hotel cereal dispenser, or unbuckle your aeroplane seatbelt. Well, I was in this kind of situation last week.

For close to a year I have done most of my banking online because it is very convenient. The flip side to this that you will not be aware of any new changes at the bank premises. Also, it can cost you more if you are transacting sums larger than five hundred thousand and withdrawing over your phone since the telecom charges are incremental

So I decided to stop by the bank to make an ATM deposit like I had been in the habit of doing many months ago. I inserted my card, punched in the pin and waited. I was shocked to discover that the deposit function has been removed. I inquired from the lady askari about this and she pointed me to a machine I had never seen before. Looking at the unfamiliar contraption, I immediately smelled trouble.

She informed me that that was the new depositing device, if I didn’t want to walk into the banking hall. Now this device stood alone from all the other lowly ATMs. It was enclosed in a little glass room and stood there oozing with pride. Like it was special or something.


I walked in and inspected the machine looking for clues. There was no slot for an ATM card insert. Clearly this lofty machine was punching above my weight category.

I opened the little door and asked the askari lady for help. A little too loudly I guess because a lad that was using an ATM nearby, gave me a snooty look that seamed to suggest I was an unexposed Neanderthal.

The lady askari was nice, and walked me through the process, which primarily uses your account number to make the deposit and not a bank card like traditional deposit ATMs do. Asking for help often provides the quickest solution.