Let your sleeves do the talking

Saturday June 6 2020

Sleeves are sassy and always make a bold

Sleeves are sassy and always make a bold fashion statement 

By Gloria Haguma

Every woman has that one or two outfits which she wears to make a statement. I guess your mind has raced to your wardrobe favourites that attract lots of compliments, everytime you wear them.
And that is what sleeves were invented for- to do the style talking for you or make a statement.
This fashion trend comes in different variations, so you can be sure that there will be one or two options that can suit your style.
Here are four top style options to try out if you are going to get on this bandwagon.

The balloon or puffy sleeves
This statement sleeve option is so chic and versatile. You will find yourself wearing it to your workplace, red carpet events and it can even be your wedding gown, if you are that bride that loves to break barriers.
Balloon sleeves are easy to pull off, especially if you pick your top in a beautiful hue and fabric. One of the ways to pull this off is to wear your puffy sleeved top in a pastel shade like lavender.
Match this up with a fitting straight legged pair of pants coupled with a pair of heel. Step this up by adding your sleek pony tail and a miniature bag. Tone down all other pieces so your sleeves can take centre stage.

The cold shoulder
There is nothing wrong with showing a little skin. How about you let those arms and shoulders out with this sleeve option? The cold shoulder, just like the balloon sleeves works with almost anything.
To your denims, add a matching top, featuring those shoulder cut outs and complete this with accessories. Remember to go for a face beat and accessorise this with heels.
The bishop sleeves
These are a replica of what you see on your Bishop’s robes at church. The difference is that these exhibit more energy and style. The bishop sleeves feature an exaggerated detail towards the cuff area of your top, with some with ruffles while others are puffy.
If you choose to wear these on a dress, ensure that your sleeves make a statement on your ensemble. And whatever other accessories you choose, make these less obvious. If worn on a top, make your pants ultra-skinny or your leather skirt super tight.

Bell sleeves
These are my all-time favourites and high up on my recommendation list. Bell sleeves are sassy and always make a bold fashion statement.
You can wear your bell sleeves on a dress and style it with a cute tote and some red bottoms. This makes for an ideal workplace midweek look.
You can also have your bell sleeves on your top and wear it over your denims. Add some oxford loafers to this and a cute little shoulder bag.
There aren’t many rules when it comes to this fashion trend. Simply pick anything that works for your personal style. Just be sure not to style your top with anything that could end up blocking out your exaggerated sleeves.