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Locked out of my home again

Saturday March 9 2019

Min Atek

Min Atek 

By Min Atek

I am seated at the steps hoping I can be rescued soon. Inside the house, the two children are clearly fast asleep. My children are very sound sleepers so much that you can carry them off the bed, place them on the ground and carry the bed away without them stirring. And as I sat there waiting for one of them to come to my rescue, I knew I needed a miracle. As I continued sitting there hoping against hope for a miracle, I remembered a few years ago when the same thing happened to me.
The only difference that time is I was convinced there was no hope because the children were much younger. To make matters worse, it had just rained, which had cut off the power in the whole neighbourhood. Our electronically powered gate was beeping incessantly.
Although my phone battery was nearly at zero, I continued calling the home phone and could even hear it ring yet the person in whose care the phone was could not hear a thing. The phone rang and rang and rang.
I banged the door until one neighbour offered to help me bang it and call out too. The children continued to sleep peacefully.
Finally, I gave up and started to seriously contemplate my options. They were not many. I had the uncomfortable option of sleeping in the car. But because the entire neighbourhood was experiencing a blackout, that was somewhat scary. Also, because of the gate beeping, my mind was playing tricks on me imagining all sorts of scenarios with possible break-ins.
The other option was to spend the night there on the steps. But with the darkness and the rain, I knew I would end up being feasted on by mosquitoes all night.
My last option was the gracious neighbour who had helped me bang the door. Along with his wife, they had offered me their couch.
Initially, I brushed off their kindness until it became clear that theirs was perhaps the most comfortable and appropriate option. I quietly picked up my few belongings and knocked gently at their door. Even as I settled on the couch, my ear kept cocked to the outside hoping they would somehow wake up and open for me the door. But they did not.