Married men can be angels

Sunday December 24 2017


By Daisy

While everyone is preparing for Christmas, I am here laughing behind someone’s back. This is a time when everyone should be with their families and bonding or renewing their ties of love. But not for this married man. So bold is he that he is willing to sacrifice family time and give me a date for both December 23 and 24. Which kind of selfish man does that?
I had given him those days on the assumption that he could not make it.

But alas! You just never know the extent to which men can go to hook someone. As a rule, I never date married men, but being this season, I would not mind lazing about on the beach with someone to buy the wine and fish as we talk about #Togikwatako. And before your mind goes to the gutter, we will be talking about the circus that has befallen this country.

Honestly, I could not care less who leads the country as long as no one stands in my way to an opportunity in life. This married man is in the ruling party camp and since August, has been crooning about how he has been traversing the country popularising #Togikwatako. In simple English, this means he still has money. Lots of it.
So all of a sudden, I am remembering the things I wanted to buy since the year began but failed due to lack of money. Of late, I have gone beyond window shopping to buying shoes, clothes and plaiting expensive hair. Honesty, I need a Good Samaritan. And so what if he or she appears in the form of a married man?

By mid this year, I had promised myself that there will be no more climbing atop the moral horse. Every time I am about to check someone’s behaviour, I mentally stop myself because we only live once anyway.
Everyone dreams of someone to make them laugh, at least, to forget the drudgery of life. And if that man is married, well, I am definitely not planning to steal him from his wife. I just want one or two hours of mature talk and discussion. Now that I have found this one, Christmas is already bagged.