I turned down two job offers to stay close with my family

Friday January 17 2020

What is the most interesting thing about your job?
I love the free world of imagination. I enjoy designing personalised spaces for people and big brands. I get to understand people and make designs that reflect their personaliities
What challenges does it present?
Managing expectations. As an interior designer you have to monitor budgets closely. You may find yourself in a tricky situation if a client changes his mind or a project runs longer than anticipated.
Do you believe in love at first sight?
Yes. Love is spontaneous. I remember getting a spark the first time I set my eyes on her.
Would you let your woman use your phone?
I realised each time I got home, my wife would fidget with my phone. We decided to do away with passwords. However, giving her access to my phone caused more tension because she queried every message I recieved. Today, she barely touches my phone.
What is your favourite outfit?
I love T- shirts and jeans and I would not mind wearing them the entire week. Despite the fact that I am into construction, I prefer wearing white socks.
How do you handle stalkers?
Our generation presents women who are so open and bold like never before. When a woman hits my inbox, I do not create room for meeting them. They later realise that I am not interested in a relationship and move on.
Best fashion trend for women
I love it when a woman is dressed in Kitenge . I have been to Nigeria before and got a chance to witness these women pull off the African wear with quite a number of fashions.
Choosing between a job abroad and your marriage
I gave up two job opportunities in foreign countries to be with my family. If I am miles away from my wife and children, who is going to take care of them?
What is the most expensive gift you have given your wife?
It was a car. I gave it to her on her birthday. Although I thought she would be surprised, she simply parked the car at home until I decided to sell it. I was disappointed, but later understood her reasons for not driving it.
A stay-at-home or a working woman?
I would not consider dating a stay-at-home wife. I like ambitious women who yearn to make their lives better.

Most annoying habit
I do not know if anyone has noticed it , but on many occasions I take advantage of the fact that I wear spectacles and pretend as though I have not seen people. However, the reason I act that way is because I do not want to engage in conversations. I love keeping to myself.