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Lawrence Kayondo is a jack of all trades. The Telecommunications Engineering graduate also dabbles as a stock investor, an agri-entreprenuer and inspirational speaker, writes Lawrence Ogwal.

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BY Lawrence Ogwal


Briefly tell us about yourself
I am a telecommunications engineering graduate. I am highly dedicated and goal-oriented. Every time I start a new campaign, I aim to accomplish it leaving no stone unturned and I do this with my charity organisation called Kayo-Line Foundation.

How would you describe yourself?
I am a generous, hardworking, intelligent young man with a big heart.
What exactly does Kayo-line foundation do?
Kayo-line foundation is a fully registered charity organisation which focuses on women and children with an emphasis on improving maternal health.
What are some of the achievements of the foundation?
As a foundation, we look at providing long-term solutions. We believe for the young generation to be productive, they should be mentored and that is why we launched “The Inspirational Cassette” where we hold mentorship classes thrice a year and the team goes on moving in schools too.

The country loses mothers during child birth where one of causes is lack of exercise which results in weak muscles, mothers and the community should know the benefits of exercise and that is why we launched “The Fitness Extravaganza” a free and open fitness campaign which took place at Legends Rugby grounds for three months.

Besides charity, what do you do?
I love art and innovation in general. It gives me great satisfaction witnessing people perfect their craft and that is why Kayo-line Foundation has decided to work alongside The Creative Tribe to bring you “The Gallery”, an art and craft exhibition which is to happen every last Saturday of the month starting Saturday, September, 28, 2018 at the Uganda museum where all proceeds go to raising an orphanage structure in Bulopa- Kamuli district.

Are you in a relationship?
No, currently I am single but with lots of friends plus my family.
Do you believe in a world where the woman works instead of the man?
No, of course not. A man was created to be a protector, bread earner, provide shelter for the family and a woman as his helper and guide. I believe some women if put in important positions would make more impact but the idea of them providing for the family should be voluntary not the order of things. What would be left of the men if not taking care of their families?

What are some of the relationship mistakes that men make?
Investing too much time in their work and hobbies at the expense of their families. Making their women a centre of conversation among other men and looking at women as trophies and not as loves of their lives.
Where did you attend school?
I went to Narabhai Primary School for seven years, joined Jinja Senior Secondary School for six years then joined Makerere University for four years where I am yet to graduate from.

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