My make-up secrets

Saturday November 2 2013

Natasha Sinayobe.

Natasha Sinayobe. 

By Natasha Sinayobye

I’m not ordinarily a make-up person but when I do wear it, I get make-up that is suitable for my skin colour and make sure if looks different, depending on whether I’m wearing it during the day or at night.

Make-up routine
I wear it light during the day, that is, less eye shadow and a pop of a little colour on my lips depending on my mood.

I wear heavier eye shadow, add blush, a deeper shade of eye liner and I balance it will the lipstick at night.

My make-up tips
• Women should not wear make-up because they saw someone else looking good with it. Our skin tones and face shapes vary, so, we cannot use the same make-up techniques.

• Some women also wear foundation on their faces and forget the neck. This makes one look like a clown.

• As a woman, you also need to learn your skin colour, eye size and shape. That way, you know what to accentuate and downplay when you wear make-up.

• Women with small lips should use lipsticks that give the impression that their lips are moderate.

Natasha’s make-up NO NOs
• I don’t like small pencil lines as eyebrows. That is a no no for me.

• I also don’t like strong blush.

Must- haves
• Two items; mascara and lipstick. They do magic on a long day.

Make-up secret
When I want to make my eye lashes appear longer, I use mascara on both my upper and lower eye lid. I use a white eye pencil to line my lower lid to make my eye pop and use very little black on the same lid just to give it a normal look. I don’t keep my make-up for more than six months; make-up goes bad too and spoils the skin. Shhhhhh my secret.


Mariam Ndagire
My make-up routine involves cream-to-powder Sleek make-up and I pick on a specific color that blends well with my skin tone. I also use very little eye shadow, once in a while. I cleanse my face with OLAY products every night to take off the make-up, before I go to bed.

My make-up tips
• Do not use a foundation or make up that is not for your skin colour. Test all powders and foundation on your skin before buying it.

• Minimal or light make up will make you look natural and young all the time.

• Eyeliners and mascara, if not well done, come off looking very bad, so pay attention there.

• When you use foundation, please ensure you do not look like you are wearing an artificial face. Wear it beyond the hairline.
My make-up NO NOs
• I never use too much colour because I don’t want to come off looking disorganised.

Make up must have
• I cannot do without eye liner.

When buying make-up, I look out for;
• Colours that match with my skin complexion.

• Genuine products that will not irritate my skin.