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No woman has ever done anything great for me

Saturday March 9 2019

Sampaul is a journalist with a passion for

Sampaul is a journalist with a passion for business reporting 

By Charlotte Ninsiima

Who is Sampaul Nakhaima?
I am a journalist with a passion for business reporting. Also I am a very simple guy whose presence can easily go unnoticed in a place. I just like my solitary spirit, of course not in every circumstance but most circumstances.
What are you passionate about?
My family. I am nothing without my family. They stand by me in every situation, be it good or worse. I have it in my mind that whereas the friends we have will be with you when you seem to be doing a little better, they will not do so when things turn for the worse.
When is the right time for one to marry?
Well, the right time is when one finds the right girl. Personally, I can tell the right or wrong one in the shortest time possible, so it has helped me steer clear of making many mistakes people make in relationships.
Who is your ideal woman?
A woman who appreciates that life is what you make it; a journey of sacrifices especially where two people are involved in the name of love, one who knows that the people we look up to in terms of success, especially financial, did not just wake up to that but worked hard to get to where they are. One who understands that a family is built and not made, and one who attaches value to herself (in terms of what she does and says). That woman who believes in me when it comes to a number of aspects, is considerate in her actions, with a sense of responsibility, and yes, that woman who has time for prayer.
What is the best thing a woman has ever done for you?
There is nothing I remember a woman doing for me that impressed me. There is just nothing.
What are your thoughts about broken marriages nowadays?
I think most marriages break down because couples feel entitled which results in intolerance. No one is willing to accommodate the other person the way they are or even appreciate the fact that change is gradual in human beings, especially positive change. From what I read nowadays, there seems to be no second chance when one party is found in the wrong. The solution always seems to be ending the relationship sometimes even before getting to the root cause of the difference.
Why do some men go for side dishes?
It all goes back to how that man was raised up and the value he attaches to himself. There are men who have grown up in the company of peers whose esteem depends on which girl he is going out with, and the number of such girls. Their conversation is usually about the girls they just dumped and the ones they just hooked up with. There are those who began dating very early in life (when they are still in high school) and by the time they get into serious relationship, side dishes are an okay thing to them.
How do you deal with girls who are fascinated by your position as a media personality?
I associate with serious girls and I believe they have better things to get fascinated about than the mere fact that Sampaul is a media personality.
Do you have a role model who is a woman and why?
There is this lady called Josephine Omunyidde, she is a communication expert with ISSD. I admire the way she deals with situations. She is very hard working, and she just does not seem to stop being hardworking any time soon. One would think she has it all but no, she will show you that there is no time for a comfort zone in life. She is always on her feet making things happen. She inspires and challenges me at the same time.
What is that one thing you cannot do to hurt a woman?
Taking her for granted. I think that is the last thing I would want to do to a woman, especially one I call mine. By not taking her for granted means, I am considerate in whatever I do and yes, I am accountable to her, especially in my actions.
What traits can’t you stand about in the woman?
Messy, selfishness and insincerity. There are women who look so organized in public. When you spot them, they are on point. The moment you get a chance to be closer to them, you discover they are very disorganized. They seem to lack a sense of cleanliness and this to me is dangerous. It is not cool to just be comfortable on the receiving end and feel it a burden when you have to step in and offer a solution once in a while. You make it look like you have a right to receive but not give. Insincerity is a turn off for me too. You do not have to be deceitful all the time and make it part of you. To me, it just devalues you and it waters away any respect one had for you.