Rocking the crop top for the plus size woman

Saturday June 20 2020


By Gloria Haguma

I believe that for the largest fraction of plus size women, the decision on what suits and what doesn’t, is something we go through most of the time. This is made even worse considering the ever Yes, you too can rock a crop top. All you need is to find the perfect fit, the right styling options and all the confidence your fabulous self can land on

Many a time, trendy pieces appear on the fashion scene, but plus size women feel left out. Today, let us pay attention to the crop top, especially for the plus size woman.

Yes, you too can rock a crop top. All you need is to find the perfect fit, the right styling options and all the confidence your fabulous self can land on.

Casual settings
The most important element to put into consideration is where you will be wearing your crop top. A crop top is going to stand out most of the time, particularly because there will be some skin on show with this. Unless your workspace is in a clothing store, or a bar, do not be tempted to wear a crop top to work.

Instead, reserve your crop top for date night with your man, a night on the town with the girls, or even to the gym. No matter how much body confidence you may have, there is absolutely no setting in which a crop top fits into your formal workspace. So do not be tempted ever to show up to the office in one.


Choose bottoms wisely
In the normal setting, a crop top is going to live much or a bit of your midriff on show. When you decide to wear one, it is recommended that you keep your bottom (pants or skirt) high waist.

If you are opting for skinny jeans, keep them way above your naval, and well fitted around your waist. If you can, add a belt to this to have a better and more descent look. If it is a skirt, then you should have it on in a high waist fashion. Ensure that the hem of the bottoms you choose are not far off from the top.

Add a layering piece
A crop top isn’t meant to be chic or classy in any way. But you my thick sister can change that by simply changing how you wear your crop top. If you wear your crop top with some denims, add a boyfriend blazer to this, some statement jewellery and sexy heels.

Alternatively, style your tiny top with a printed kimono and add some matching accessories.
The best part about this styling option is that you will cover up a little, but also turn your crop top into something classy and elegant.

Don't be left out of the trend
Wear something over your crop top
Maybe you are not as body confident as you may have wanted, but you still don’t want to be left out of the trend. So try wearing your crop top under another garment like dungarees or a pinafore dress. This way, you can get on with the trend, but not feel like you had to step out of your comfort zone.

This styling option allows you to be playful with your look, as you wear your crop top in a fun print to spice up the look. When it comes to the dungarees, they are options in pants, shorts and even dresses. So you are sure to find something that works just fine to fit into your personal style.

The pinafore on the other hand, is quite effortless. Simply find a crop top shade that blends perfectly with your dress. There aren’t many rules to this trend. Stick to what will make you comfortable.