Sassy ways to pimp your bump

Saturday May 25 2019

With the baby bump growing each passing day,

With the baby bump growing each passing day, look out for stylish outfits. NET PHOTO. 

By Hassan Ssentongo

The baggy tops, free dresses, leggings, jeans are not enough options for expectant mothers. But pregnancy does not mean that women should forget about being fashionable. There are outfits in stores that can make you have an amazing look with your bump. Here are a few tips to help you find good quality and affordable clothes that will flatter your body.

Look for flattering staples
As a first-time mom, you might be tempted to buy lots of maternity tops. But most of them tend to be dull and hardly flatter your growing belly. Forego the tops and instead choose something fitting and beautiful. Invest in t-shirts, mummy jeans, leggings that aren’t tight on your bump and a little black dress and fitting stretchy tops.

Look for a few t-shirts and turtlenecks. Pair new jeans with a simple black t-shirt. Add a beautiful blazer for that sassy look. Play around with patterns and colours from your wardrobe to enhance your look. Avoid cropped sweaters as they make you look short.

Choose the right size
As the baby bump continues to grow, accommodate these changes when shopping for maternity wear. Look for jeans with elastic waistbands or expanding panels for your comfort. Stay away from oversized maternity clothes. They only make you appear bigger. Keep it classy with specific cuts that amplify your style.

Look out for existing pieces
One of the things most pregnant women forget is their existing wardrobe. Your closet may still have cute blouses, t-shirts, jackets that will make your boring clothes stand out.