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Six types of bags women should own

Saturday March 9 2019

A model shows off a carrier bag. Choose neutral

A model shows off a carrier bag. Choose neutral colours that will not clash with your everyday outfits. PHOto by Hassan SSENTONGO. 

By Hassan Ssentongo

Most women’s closets are filled with more bags they know what to do with yet this does not stop them from getting more. Understandably, using one bag can be harsh on it as it exposes it to faster wear and tear, so what you need are six basic bags that will be appropriate for every occasion.

Carrier bag
The modern working woman needs a workhorse bag that is functional and large enough to hold important papers, some magazines, books, iPad, etc., and chic enough to wear to work. Look for one in a neutral monochromatic colour that works with almost everything in your wardrobe. This style is matched to the needs of the modern working class women who need to combine a full time job with a family at home.

Every woman needs a classy handbag which complements her outfit. A classy satchel bag can transition from day use to serve an exquisite night time role.
Casual cross-body
The cross bag comes in handy for those occasions where you will need to have your hands free; think of a trip to downtown Kampala. Choose one that is big enough to hold all your essentials safely and small enough to not get in the way.
The clutch
A chic clutch complements all variations of evening wear, particularly evening gowns and party dresses, making it perfect for a dinner date or a trip to the night club. A small fashionable clutch is big enough to grab all your essentials, including key, smartphone, and wallet.

The right kind of tote roomy top-handle bag is enough to store your daily essentials, taking you from work to the weekend.

Special occasion bag
This is the kind of bag you pick when you want to make a statement. It is fun and unique to get you noticed wherever you are.

Fun with fashion
How to choose the right handbag
• Just like with shoes, choosing the right handbag comes down to a mix of your practical needs and your stylistic instincts. You want to find something you will enjoy wearing, but something that will also hold everything you need to carry that day. Smaller bags are great for parties and travel days, while larger bags and tote bags are handy for work and errands. A bucket bag shape is great for holding things when you do not need to be organised, while a crossbody bag is handy when you need to have your hands free. For dressy events, weddings and parties, a small clutch is all you need.
Fakes vs. Lookalikes
Fakes are complete knockoffs (with fake logos most of the time) and lookalikes are pieces that are merely inspired by the original (like many in-house department store handbag lines). Fakes may seem great at the time of purchase. They are cheap and have the designer label, but counterfeiters have ties to all types of crime.
How to know if your bag is fake and not the real thing? If the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.