So sweet and yet so different

Sunday February 25 2018

Min Atek

Min Atek 

By Min Atek

“I need you to prepare yourself in advance because you and I might need to attend a wedding on Saturday!’
‘Where?’ The young lady asked her mother. ‘Will it change the fact that we are going if I tell you where?’ The mother asked. ‘Well,’ the young lady continued with a disgruntled voice, ‘ I will need to check my schedule.’

At this point, I broke into loud laughter! Since when did the child have to check her schedule before informing me that she would want to tag along for a function? She later informed me she had checked and yes, she would be available!

Scene two
‘Mommy, will you massage my leg?’ He asked as he knocked gently on the bathroom door. I smiled and asked him to repeat the question. He asked again if I would massage his leg. I opened the door and came out. He quickly remembered to limp again and to groan as if in deep pain. I smiled and asked him whether mommy really needed to massage his leg and he replied that he was in pain. I had just returned from a trip and clearly the young man who is not so little anymore had missed his mother.
I sat down and listened to the story again on this ‘mega’ injury which had happened during a swimming encounter as he went on to show me the other scars on his legs from playing football.
He told me yet again about who had fouled him and the tournament on March 1.

My children are like two different weather seasons and my conversations with them provide amazing therapy.
One child reminds me of the rainy season. The rain washes away so much. It refreshes. Water is life, they say, unless of course you live in Bwaise.
The other child is like the bright sunny day. You can feel the warm rays brightening up the room.

I love the refreshing rain and I bask in the warm sunshine.
How I bless God for the beauty in diversity. For the wide range of colours presented by the rainbow. In there are the day-to-day colours of blue and red but when you dig deeper there’s lilac, mauve and turquoise.
There is the child whom you give an instruction only once and they do not stress you on the same subject again. And then another child decides that they prefer not to do things a certain way and they challenge you on why they should count from left to right and not right to left.

On some occasions, I might allow some debate to reason and yet often I overrule any form of debate after all I am the mother and there are some things which are not open to debate.
The dynamic world we live in today. Stretching the mind to levels previously unimagined and yet therein lies growth!
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