Social media influencer in love with modelling

Saturday November 30 2019

Gad Rogers

Gad Rogers  

By Gabriel Buule

Why did you choose to be a social media influencer?
I would be earning from public speaking because love to talk. Incidentally, I am outrageously too shy to speak in crowds. Social media gives me an opportunity to express myself without standing in front of people. Through social media, I have built an audience that trusts and admires me.
It is alleged that influencers promote blackmail schemes to earn from victims. Is that true?

That is a false allegation. Personally, I promote brands for genuine reasons.
People say influencers take advantage of both good and bad situations to make money. Is that what you do?
My job is very tricky. When I make a post that someone does not agree with, they think I am against them. By the way, it is not true that everytime we post, we are paid. Most times, I post about issues that most other people are afraid to talk about. To answer your question, I am not among those who take advantage of bad situations to make money.

How do influencers impact marketing and communication in the 21st Century?
Social media influencers have the ability to reach out to a big audience on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook in just a short time. Another thing about us is that our fan base is very loyal and they trust us. Social media is currently a big deal and besides communication, it has provided a platform to promote businesses. In Uganda, corporate companies hire social media personnels to promoter their causes and brands.
If business proprietors continue to rely on social media influencers, where does that leave people who cannot access the Internet?
Businessmen ought to know which audiences they want to reach out to. As a social media influencer, I cannot reach out to people who can’t access internet but Radio stations can.
Are you married?
No, I am not. Marriage lately is for rich people, who can afford introduction showers, bridal showers, baby showers and expensive introduction and wedding ceremonies.

Would you marry a social media influencer?
Yes, I would. As long as we fall in love with each other.
Have you ever dated online?
Yes. I have met women online, dated online stayed online, and broken up online. It is fun.
A woman with short or long hair?
Every woman is supposed to take care of herself and look good whether they have long or short hair. I don’t mind. All I want is a good looking woman.
When do you model?
I am not a runway model, but I model for brand adverts and commercials at a fee.

Childhood A
A character as a shy boy who could not look straight into the eyes of people. Even at school I never took part in drama clubs. Innovation was my thing