Step out in denim-on-denim

Saturday July 27 2019

There are many creative ways to  wear denim on

There are many creative ways to wear denim on denim. Photo by Rachael Mabala 

By Hassan Ssentongo

Denim affair. Looking for the most iconic looks ever? Why not try out denim-on-denim? Wearing two different denim outfits sounds like a fashion crime. Doesn’t it? Well, forget your fears. It is okay to wear double denim. Mix and match different shades to pull off a perfect look, writes Hassan Ssentongo.

It’s safe to say that there is nothing more casual and timeless than denim. The styling trick of mixing and matching separate denim pieces in what we call ‘denim on denim’ is just as timeless as denim itself.
Denim-on-denim trend has transformed the way we look at jeans forever. That is why you need to refresh yourself with new ways of wearing denim.
If you may, here are few ways to give your denim-on-denim game a little polish.

We love it as a stylish option for looking put together, for laid back weekends and casual occasions.
Not sure what goes with what? When in doubt, choose a lighter denim shirt to go with a darker wash jean or denim skirt. Or try wearing matching denim pieces, as pictured, for a confident “denim tuxedo” look, that is back in style now in a big way.

Ways to wear your denim-on-denim

Be creative
Don’t hold back, be innovative. Each time you’re stepping out, think about fun ways to make your ensemble fresh. It doesn’t matter if you decide to wear your jacket as a headwrap instead of wearing it over your shirt.
Denim on denim
There are no rules of the number of denim pieces you can put together. Try out as many demin outfits as you possibly can.

Mix different shades
The rule of thumb is pairing different denim shades and fabrics for an aesthetically appealing ensemble. It also creates an illusion where darker shades create a slimming effect while lighter shades draw attention to the body.


If you asked me, I would definitely tell you to ignore any rules. Instead of rules, infuse your individuality.
Don’t wear denim accessories Keep the jeans confined to your clothing, and just say “no” to denim shoes, a denim hat, a denim, handbag, or any other accessory.