Terrible loss

Saturday May 11 2019


By Mark Kawalya

When I was about 11 years, my older brother gave me a digital watch. To say, I was over the moon is an understatement. I admired the watch, smiling from ear to ear like a Cheshire cat. I mean this was a real working digital watch, with black rubber straps and a gleaming silver clasp.

I thought that if older brothers were not good for giving their younger brothers digital watches, then there there were of no use. That night, I slept with my digital watch, securely strapped onto my wrist, just incase something like an earthquake occurred and I needed to make a swift gateway.

In the morning, I could not wait to go school and have all the other kids see this super watch. After we had been dropped off, I marched to class with pride. You would think I had just parked a lemon yellow Lamborghini at school.

In class, no one seamed to care or notice my digital watch. I needed to walk around class with a sign that said ‘Hey, please pay attention. Mark Kawalya has a digital watch.’ That would have been a little over the top for a simple lad like myself. Besides, I neither had Manila paper nor markers to write out the sign. Anyway, I sat at my desk, doing the things that children normally do in Primary School.

In the afternoon, this boy comes over and sees my cool digital watch. He falls in love with it and gives me enormous compliments. Finally, someone had noticed that a new revamped Mark Kawalya was in the building. He asked if he could try it on and I slipped the watch off and handed it to him.

Somehow, I got distracted and when I came back, the boy had disappeared. I freaked out. I looked for the boy and couldn’t find him. As the bell rings at 5.00pm, the boy was still missing. This boy had a penchant as one of the little rascals about school. Always getting into trouble. I was just a kid and already this thieving goon was teaching me Kampala.


I had left home like a mighty lion and now I was returning like a domesticted cat that had been rained on. Older brother was not impressed with me when he learnt about it.

The next day at school, this boy denied ever stealing my watch. I counted my losses and moved on, albeit digital watchless lad.