The greatest gift a father can give to a daughter

Saturday May 4 2019

Min Atek

Min Atek 

By Min Atek

He is an accomplished oncologist, meaning he specialises in treating cancer patients.
He mentioned something that has continued to ring in my ears when I asked him what made him change his mind and finally get married. He replied, ‘I found a woman who wasn’t needy.’

I kept wondering whether there are women who are not needy. The bigger question that I pondered on is the difference between the needy one and the one who is not.

I have this amazing friend with three children, two girls and one boy. This father has a deeply personal relationship with each of his children and often times, I have complimented him on the kind of girls/women he is raising. Now these are my convictions.

Every woman needs affection and affirmation and the primary place to get this is from her father.
With or without knowing, this sole relationship sets very many things in place for the future and how this girl will view herself and her relationships.

I am quite convinced many fathers might not understand or appreciate this detail simply because they are men. It is not natural that they would comprehend womanly issues the same way a woman will not ably understand men issues.
Very humbly, I beseech the fathers of little girls both present and future, the biological as well as the adoptive father, make every effort to love and commune with your daughter (s).

Deliberately, let her thrive, swim and busk in the fullness of your love, affection and attention.
Alongside investing in beautiful things for her including flowers, chocolates, dresses and shoes, give her your utmost attention. Make time to just seat with her, listening and having deliberate meaningful conversation. In all ways, let her know she is the object of your attention. Why? Because, she will not be needy.


Needy is difficult to be around Your love and affirmation will be a foundation upon which she builds relationships and relates with others.