Tips for a perfect campaign look

Sunday July 19 2020

The idea is to make the candidate look polished

The idea is to make the candidate look polished without necessarily distracting voters.  

By Gloria Haguma

One of the busiest seasons in Uganda’s political landscape is here. The country is gearing up for the polls and new as well as incumbent candidates have started expressing interest in vying for electoral positions.
I am sure you have seen campaign posters with captivating words making rounds on social media. While candidates pay attention to the words on their posters, not many care about their looks and how they appear to their potential voters.

Have you come across a poster that left you wondering whether a candidate is worth your vote, considering what they are displaying on these flyers and banners?
Do looks matter to voters? Must one visually appeal to voters on a poster in order to get votes? Are their chances that a candidate can lose votes basing on how they appear on a poster?
Well, today, we share tips on how to put a new spin on your campaign portraits, step up your game and win the hearts of your voters.

Keep it natural
Giulio Molfese, a professional photographer, says when shooting for campaign images, it’s advisable to pay attention to make-up and light in order to prevent photos from appearing darker or lighter.
“The best light to apply make-up for photography is natural light. Minimalist always wins, and the same applies even when it comes to your campaign shots,” he adds.

Focus on your make-up application
Giulio recommends hiring a professional make-up artist in order to hide imperfections, thus reducing the amount of time that would be spent on editing photos.
Your other point of focus, he explains, should be your foundation, ensuring that it is perfectly blended to suit your neck and face. “If your neck is slightly darker or lighter than your face, go with a foundation that matches the darker tone,” Giulio says.

Keep away from shimmer
Giulio says whichever make-up items one opts for, they should not have shimmer in them, as these can make the face appear oily in flash photography.

Bold make-up is a no-no
Since you are supposed to simply enhance what you already have, then you don’t need any bold or loud make-up.
Saida Abdallah, a make-up artiste, says it is important to stay away from anything flashy make-up such as loud eye shadows, or anything you may deem trendy in the make-up world.
“The whole essence of wearing make-up is for you to look like yourself, but with a small touch up to make you stand out more. Keep your make-up as neutral and toned down as possible. Have little or no eye shadow on at all,” she explains.
Abdallah says people should keep away from the instagram approved highly arched brown eye brows. “Keep them natural and have them well trimmed and shaped,” she adds.


Keep your lipstick muted
Contrary to what you may have been told, bright lipsticks attracts all the attention to your look that you actually don’t need. Remember, you are running for political office, not audition for a fashion show.
“A nude coloured lipstick or a light gloss is perfect for your portrait look. Remember, you are working at enhancing your look a little,” she says.

Saida adds that that harsh contour, highlights and artificial eyelashes should be avoided. Rather, add a little blush on the cheeks to give the face more life. “The idea is to make the candidate look polished without necessarily distracting voters from the message the candidate is trying to put across,” she adds.