To choose wooden or steel furniture?

Saturday June 13 2020


By Pauline Bangirana

When it comes to furniture, there are lots of options to choose from including easy ways to do it yourself hacks. Today, we choose to compare the pros and cons of selecting either wooden or metallic furniture.
So you have built your house or just moved into a new apartment and are torn between buying metallic and wooden furniture. Would you choose wooden furniture or metallic? Is wood cheaper than metal? How about comfort? What is classier? What factors would you consider before choosing any of these two options?

Perhaps one needs to first understand what furniture is. Sumaya Bankiya, an interior designer notes that furniture is termed as movable objects intended to support various human activities. She notes that the activities vary from posture, sleeping, relaxation and eating among other things.
Bankiya says whether one settles for wooden or metallic furniture, the following factors must be put into consideration before buying furniture.

Space availability
The last thing you want is to be left with no space once your furniture is fitted in. This is one of the common mistakes people make whenever they are buying furniture. He says there is need to consider the size of a house, colour, cost, comfort and durability and material to be used.

Some furniture is classified as high end while others are low scale quality. Good quality furniture will guarantee durability. Although quality furniture is costly, Bankiya advises people to go for quality.
Aesthetic element
You need furniture that will add a pop of beauty in your living space. As you choose from available options on the market, interior experts advise that comfort should be considered for the best furniture in your home or office. After a long day, you need furniture that will offer u comfort.

Personal style
Are you going for contemporary, classic, traditional or industrial design theme? Because furniture is not a commodity that is bought everyday, it is important to get it right with the kind of style you settle for.
Bankiya says he visited different workshops in the neighbourhood and discovered that wood is more expensive than metal. He mentioned factors such as type of timber, moisture retention, durability, make, coating and finishing, which affect the price of the final product.

Bankiya highlights warmth, easy maintenance, versatility, durability as some of the pros that come with wooden furniture.
However, according to Eric Nsubuga, metallic furniture will stay intact even after so many years unlike wood as it grows weaker with years. In some cases, wooden furniture is prone to infestation of bed bugs, which are hard to get rid of.
Bankiya says wooden furniture is vulnerable to water, highly susceptible to ultraviolet light that changes colour and ultimately damages its surfaces, finishes can be scratched or damaged by sharp objects and repairing damages requires patience and skill.


Bankiya notes that the preference is largely made by the client but all these factors should be put into consideration.
Phionah Kebirungi, an interior designer says when it comes to wooden furniture, wooden-cedar wood, teak or cane should be put into consideration. Similarly, metallic has forms such as shaped iron and steel.
When faced with space shortage, metallic furniture is the best option as it offers a minimalist look. Metallic furniture makes a small space appear bigger.