Trending: Block heels

Saturday July 9 2016


By Hassan Ssentongo

A number of the 70s trends are making a major fashion resurgence, and there’s no need to complain since back in the day, comfort was first priority.
Block heels are a style of shoes great for women who wear heels daily but can’t stand the discomfort caused by sky high pencil-thin heels. With a block heel, your foot is supported by a heel with a larger surface area than the pencil-thin heel, thus making the experience less strained and comfortable.
Block heels continue to be a more interesting option when seeking comfortable shoe styles. With them, it is always a sure win for a comfortable but chic shoe experience.

Block Shoe Styles
There are numerous block heel shoe styles to pick from, what matters is where you are heading and what to match with them.

1. Block heel sandals
These are the perfect choice of shoes for a dressy casual event, such as cocktail parties where you have to stand all evening, and street style events. These shoes work well with dresses and skirts. They will make your legs look longer and slimmer, but still make the experience every bit comfortable.
There are interesting spins to these sandals, including lace ups, which help create a fun playful feminine shoe experience.

2. Peep-toe/Closed-toe block heel shoes
Although this is a less casual option, they can also be worn on casual looks. That is the beauty of the block heel trend. Looking for the perfect shoes to wear to work? Look no farther than the closed toe block heel. These are comfortable and very stylish. Your workmates will want to be you! Wear shoes in solid colours such as black, blue and white.
Peep-toe block heels on the other hand make for a less formal look. Wear these to work events where you want to strike a balance between formal and casual whilst maintaining your comfort. Pointy toe shoes in this style make your legs slimmer and longer.

3. Bock heel boots
This is the edgier block heel. If you are looking to create a ‘tough girl’ look, skip those stiletto boots and opt for a pair of block heels. Wear these boots to outdoor events, picnics and dance parties. These boots work well with skinny jeans.

Heel size/length
The heel size of the shoe is just as important as its length. Try out a number of block heel sizes and lengths and settle for the most comfortable pair. Sky-high block heels are quite uncomfortable, especially for one who isn’t familiar with high heels. But, the chunkier the heel, the more interesting it will look.

Matching them
Wear your block heels with everything from culottes, flare pants and skinny jeans to dresses. They come in quite a huge number of interesting colours and styles. Interesting details such as colour-blocked designs make your feet and that impeccably done pedicure pop.