Trendy, affordable and corporate wardrobe

Saturday August 11 2018

L-R represents 1-4. Amme rocked different

L-R represents 1-4. Amme rocked different outfits. PHOTO BY ESTHER OLUKA. 

By Esther Oluka

One Saturday afternoon, I went to downtown, Kampala to look for an office suit. I visited several boutiques and was alarmed at the cost of these suits. Most of them cost on average Shs150, 000, and above. I did not have that kind of money at the time. So, rather than buying the suits, I opted to buy other different types of corporate wear. I bought two pairs of office pants each at Shs20, 000.

I also bought two matching blouses for the trousers each at Shs10,000. Since I had some extra money remaining, I bought an office skirt at Shs15,000 as well. The lesson I learnt from this experience was that if one cannot afford suits, there are other types of office outfits available on the market that come at affordable prices.

In today’s photo-shoot which was done at Kiwatule Recreation Centre, we feature Grace Amme, a public relations officer, who loves wearing pants and skirts to work. Most of her outfits can be obtained from different boutiques in downtown, Kampala.

The money Amme spent on her four outfits…

First look: - The black skirt cost Amme Shs25,000, the white blouse was Shs3,500 while the orange blazer cost Shs15,000. She bought the different outfits from boutiques in downtown (shops surrounding the taxi parks) in Kampala.
Second look: - The black ankle pants cost her only Shs10,000 while the blue blouse cost Shs3, 500 from Gaza land plaza in Kampala.
Third look: - The blue pants cost only Shs10,000 while the accompanied long sleeved peach coloured blouse came at only Shs3,500. These outfits are all from shops in downtown, Kampala.
Fourth look: - The red skirt cost Shs25, 000 while the African print top cost Shs5,000. The black heeled shoes cost only Shs15,o00. Both the outfits and shoes were purchased from different shops in Kampala.