Turning wrought iron into wall art

Saturday February 9 2019


By Gloria Kawuma

There are certain types of wall art that I think have more than done their rounds in our homes and need to be given a break. Most homes have pictures of landscapes from foreign lands, baskets of fruit hanging in the dining room, black human stick figures, woven baskets; it is beginning to look fatigued.
I am a strong believer in innovation and so in my quest to stand out from the crowd, I have discovered a new approach to wrought iron other than using it on burglar proofing and gates; wall accents.

First mental impression, this feels heavy, unrefined and frankly speaking quite harsh for someone who is trying to create that lovely warm welcoming atmosphere in their home.
But wrought iron can become a piece of fine art when presented both in a fancy metal finish or antic vintage style. Not only is it durable, it is also moisture resistant, rot resistant, termite resistant and fire retardant too.

The concerns that I have heard mostly border on the health and safety side. The vision expressed is the worst case scenario of the metal art falling down on a guest or worse still a child, the injuries expected to be more severe than a picture frame or a tapestry. The caution is to use light iron and professionally have it fastened on your wall with the right tools and methods such as drilled holes filled with plastic plugs and appropriate screws as opposed to banging a hole in the wall with a nail.

Wrought iron accessories can be your life saver when dealing with large, plain wall space. Using one large piece saves you from the look of clutter of many different varying picture frame sizes displayed.
It can be displayed in form of contemporary geometric shapes, rings, tree branches, leaves and flower motifs or randomly arranged stick work.