Two-piece outfits: A match made in heaven

Saturday May 11 2019

Mary Adut, model, showcases designer two-piece

Mary Adut, model, showcases designer two-piece outfits. PHOTO BY ESTHER OLUKA 

By Esther Oluka

Two-piece outfits are commonly worn attires. These kinds of garments are usually of a different make created together in order to bring out a unique match.

One may wear a skirt and croptop, or jeans and a top as well as shorts and T-shirt. But sometimes, one may desire to wear something made according to their taste and preference. And in such cases, one may opt for the expert services of either a local designer or tailor.

For illustration purposes, here is Mary Adut, a model, wearing two-piece outfit from local renowned designer, Emmanuel Bagwana. In one of the pictures, Adut is wearing a two-piece maxi skirt and crop-top, an outfit which can be worn for any kind of function.

In another photo, Adut is wearing black shorts, crop-top and a fascinating round African cap. The throw-on completes the look, further. The outfit is ideal for parties like birthdays.
The other two outfits can also be worn during functions.

About the designs
Emmanuel Bagwana of Eguana Fashion House is the brain behind this collection which he terms as African greatness.
“Part of the inspiration for these looks is from different African cultures as well as the famous movie, Black Panther,” he says.
Some of the materials used for this collection include African print, linen, silk, cotton and chiffon.

These outfits can be worn at different occasions including parties, dinners and the prices ranges between Shs80,000 to Shs300,000.