Use your youthful years to be more productive

Saturday June 27 2020

Creative: Isaac Kigozi is the founder and

Creative: Isaac Kigozi is the founder and directing partner at East African partners. He is also the CEO of E World Media Group. Photo by Nicolas Akasula.  

By Nicolas Akasula

How do you describe yourself?
I am a versatile and focused man from Luweero. I am a go-getter who is always ready to embrace opportunities to better my motherland. I am a simple person who likes having a good laugh, whenever I can.
What takes up most of your time?
I work with East African partners, a firm we established to bridge investment gaps in Uganda. As an international business graduate, I felt it was necessary to establish a hub to act as a liaison for our international business contacts. There is great potential in our region and lots of opportunities that we can exploit.
How is your normal working routine like?
I use my day time hours to handle business in Uganda. Owing to the difference in time zones, I handle assignments from the overseas team in the evenings which stretches up to 3am.
How do you wind down from this busy schedule?
When I am not out working, I stay indoors and watch documentaries. But when I step out, I have a strong connection with nature, not forgetting my love for karaoke and live band.
And are you a father yet? Share your fatherhood experience with us
I don’t have any biological children yet. However, I have had a number of dependents. It is rewarding to make a contribution towards the wellbeing of people.
What inspires you to go on daily?
The desire to make a difference in society.
What item is most valuable in your life?
When I was growing up, I never understood the value of time. Today, I know that every minute counts towards the achievement of the goals I set.
What’s your best meal?

If I have beans with Posho and sweet potatoes; I am sorted.
What are your life’s principles?
No one shines on their own. Everyone needs the support of a smart team.
Paint for us a picture of Uganda’s future of investment
Uganda is a hub with limitless investment opportunities that are waiting to be tapped into.
What advice would you give the youth….
Many people fail to be productive in their youthful years, counting on the inheritance of their parents. But I believe that my parent’s wealth is theirs. Everyone has a responsibility to create their own wealth path.

Tit Bits:
Before starting East African partners; Isaac lived for more than 20 years in the US, returning to settle in 2016.
He has keen interest in televisual; and is also the Executive Producer at
Asylum Entertainment (a film and TV studio).
Kigozi is also an Emmy nominated executive producer; known for the reality TV shows he has produced for different TV Networks in the US, for the last 5 years.
He is also a humanitarian, who founded ICare Foundation; which has restores sight for many Ugandans.

What advice would you give the youth?
Many people fail to be productive in their youthful years. Many tend to count on the inheritance of their parents. But I believe that my parent’s wealth is theirs. Everyone has a resposnibility to create their own wealth. Start planning now. Reflect on how you spend your time and start thinking in a direction of investment.