‘I sold grasshoppers and vended papers to earn a living’

Saturday November 16 2019

Abdu Wasike is a journalist and a

Abdu Wasike is a journalist and a communications officer of Vipers Soccer Club.NET PhotoS 

By Nicolas Akasula

What do you know about yourself
Quite a hard one. But I am jack of many trades and a hustler. When I was still young, living in Luzira in Kampala. I used to sell nsenene (grasshoppers) during day and work in a local video hall-kibanda. And the following day, I would go to the streets to sell newspapers.
How did you join the media?
That journey is a long one. But I started coming to KFM when I was still a student. I would spend time with Joshua Mandrel, a friend of mine and a presenter then. I collected and brought him the latest music and he liked me for that. The music scheduler then used to see me around and she asked him if I was interested in presenting a radio show. When Mandrel went for further studies, I was given a gig to present a show with DJ Shy and have done the show for nine years now. Because I was always in the company of friends who loved football, I later picked interest in soccer. That is how I started writing for Daily Monitor in 2009.
Would you marry a journalist?
I actually dated one, but we broke up. I think the girl was using me because I learnt that she was going to get married the last day we were together. And worst of it all, I learnt that from a friend. That was my first heartbreak in life.
You have a very big following online. How do you get many people to follow you?
It is knowing what to, and not to post. You will never find me posting about my family or relationships. I want to post about me. The children I find playing on my veranda and messing with it. I want to post about sports, music, the things that inspire me and funny stuff. I realised social media is the funny side of life.
Who is your best artiste in Uganda?
(Giggles) Are you trying to put a rope around my neck? Well, I can say Juliana Kanyomozi, Desire Luzinda, and Lydia Jazmine. But ofcourse, there is great talent out there.
What do you enjoy the most about your work?
I interact with people from all walks of life.
Which team do you support and why?
I have been supporting Arsenal since 1996. Thierry Henry. You cannot tell me of any other player.

Who is that person you would like to meet before you die?
Thierry Henry. I also want to meet Jay-Jay Okocha, Lionel Messi, and Christiano Ronaldo.
any memorable thing about the last trip you made ?
I travelled to Egypt this year to watch the African Cup of Nations. Besides eating too much bread at every meal that was served, it was an interesting trip because I witnessed the teams live tussling it out at Afcon. I am now saving and planning to go to Qatar for the World Cup in 2022.