Mutesi wants to mentor aspiring models

Saturday March 7 2020


By Esther Oluka

Vivian Mutesi is the kind of girl who walks into a room and everyone instantly notices her presence. Her passion for modelling stems right from childhood.
Growing up, she watched countless fashion television programmes in order to be knowledgeable about the fashion industry. After completing high school, she embarked on her modelling journey in 2010.
She has walked for all Uganda’s renowned designers such as Sylvia Owori, Santa Anzo, Brenda Maraka, Anita Beryl, Gloria Wavamunno, Bangi Bagwana (Eguana), among others.
On the international platform, she has walked for shows such as Swahili Fashion Week, where in 2015, she scooped an award for East African model of the year at the same show.
Asked what her everyday style is like, Mutesi says she loves wearing blazers, scarfs, highwaist trousers, jeans or anything with dark colours.
“These are my daily looks,” she says, adding, “These outfits also count as my corporate ensemble.”
Mutesi says she buys her outfits from any store. As long as she sees something unique somewhere, she will buy it.
Why she took a fashion break
Mutesi has been visibly absent from the fashion scene in the recent years. “There was a time I thought I had done it all and I decided to take a break,” she says, adding, “During this time, I focused on work and establishing a business,” she says.
After noticing that she was doing a disservice to herself by being away from the fashion scene, she decided to make a comeback, but this time round with a different agenda. “With my experience and knowledge in the fashion industry, I want to mentor aspiring models,” she says.