Wanyenze is in love with reading scientific research

Saturday October 19 2019

Prof Rhoda Wanyenze

Prof Rhoda Wanyenze 

By Charlotte Ninsiima

I attend Church on Sunday at All Saints Cathedral, Nakasero. No matter how busy I am, I reserve it for family. I love being in the unfamiliar spaces like in a village where people do not know me.

I wake up at 5:15am to beat the heavy traffic in town. Between 6:30am-7am, I am in office. I start the day, by reading at least two bible verses which I share with my loved ones. It helps to keep us together and reminds me about my roots. We have lots of meetings since the institution is attached to several collaborations. I also attend to routine conference calls. I have to sustain relationships with partners.

We have management meetings every fortnight. I also chair and attend other board meetings of Aids Information Centre and Uganda Aids Commission respectively. I attend to documents, contracts and letters of partnerships that need to be reviewed and endorsed. I don’t like delaying processes and systems. If there is work to be done, I must get it out of the way. On Tuesdays, I make time for video call meetings.

Periodic travels are part of my work schedule with international partners. During such meetings, we review the progress of different projects. I also attend school board meetings aimed at disseminating research findings.

I spend this day mentoring young people and that is my way of giving back to the community. The world is yearning for successful professionals who are willing to make a difference in the world. Growing up in an African setting, many of us were supported through school and it is only fair that when we make it, we pay pack by touching the lives of the less priviledged.

I supervise six masters and two PhD students on different working modalities, including long distance learning students. This means walking the research journey with students, right from the topic to submission of a quality dissertation. I review research proposals and dissertations electronically and I make time to meet with my students after commencement of the course. I am also passionate about research and still teach research methods.


I go for a hairdo and manicure. I also attend Baylor Uganda board meetings. I also think through and plan all the activities of the coming week and update my diary. I jog and walk for 5km in the morning, every Saturday.