What to look out for when choosing a bathroom suite

Saturday June 27 2020

Coordinating wash basin, toilet, the shower,

Coordinating wash basin, toilet, the shower, mirrors creates uniformity in the bathroom. 

By Pauline Bangirana

While many people pay so much attention to the living room, not many are keen to details and aspects of making their bathrooms stand out and look great.
Yet, there are lots of ideas and many stylish designs on the market. Do you ever think about the kind of tiles, flooring, lighting, the type of toilet seat and shower for your home? Are you the type that settles for anything? Experts observe that interior style of your bathroom is worth investing in.
Sumaya Bankiya, an interior designer, defines a bathroom suite as a set of coordinating fittings for a bathroom comprising of the wash basin, toilet, the shower, accessories such as mirrors and rugs among other items.

Coordinating items is key
She says coordinating these items is important to ensure uniformity. Creating a bathroom suite for your own home does not require much. Here are some of the factors you should consider before choosing a bathroom suite.
Abdu Kiweewa from Kaifah Construction Company Limited, says when it comes to choosing a bathroom suite, client’s needs and the house size available must be considered.
“It depends on the client’s preference and the house size one is constructing. For example a Jacuzzi and bathroom tub may not be favourable for someone who is living in small size house.” Kiweewa notes.

Space or size
Kiweewa says the space or size of the house in question predetermines what kind of bathroom one will have. Bankiya advises that the size of the room should be able to accommodate the amount of fittings one wants.
“Before deciding on the aspect of your bathroom, you have to first know where the installations will be done. “Should the toilet be next to the wash basin? Where is the sink going to be? You must have that layout on a piece of paper before going to the market to select items for your bathroom suite,” he advises.

“Do you prefer traditional or modern ceramics? What colour are you likely to match with all the fittings?
How about door styles, colours, accessories and everything else that has to match to portray the style of your preference?
These are some of things you must think about before procuring any item for your bathroom,” Bankiya notes.

Sumaya Bankiya says once you have a clear idea of the general design, you will need to choose the hardware such as lighting and mirrors and bathroom equipment which need to be coordinated with the rest of the bathroom designs.
However, regardless of the suite you want, it all depends on size and costing. The rest can always be adjusted to the size available.
For instance, using a telephone shower as opposed to a normal shower will give you memorable moments whenever you take a bath.