Why the height of your bed matters

Saturday August 31 2019


By Gloria Kawuma

A bed is undoubtedly the main piece of furniture in the bedroom and for this reason, a lot should be put into consideration in order to influence the atmosphere in your bedroom.
I am desperately in need of a new bed and I have been window shopping both online and physically for various designs.

It has got to be the perfect bed and I am not confused about the kind of material it will be made of.
African hardwood is my choice of preference. I am thinking about the tall beds that existed during King Arthur’s time, with thick mattresses.
As a matter of fact I would not mind having a bed that does not allow my feet to touch the floor by a few millimetres.

Average height
The average height of a ‘normal’ bed is 25 inches from the floor. While an antique bed is 36 inches off the floor, a contemporary bed stands at 18 inches.
In terms of style, higher beds are considered more traditional and luxurious, while low platform beds more contemporary and minimalistic.

This is how you can determine if your bed is the right height. Sit at the edge of the bed place your feet on the floor, they should be able to touch the floor and your knees should be in a straight line with your hips.
There are a number of factors that affect the decision when choosing a bed whether or not they are immaterial, so lets delve into them one at a time and draw our conclusions.

Those of you who seem to be ageing gracefully, ought to have a bed that you can easily get out of and into without straining your body. If the bed is too low it may cause strain on the body joints, while a high bed would require more or less jumping, which is only practical for children.

According to Feng Shui experts, the height of one’s bed can determine the quality of sleep one experiences and the levels of energy one can tap into.
“If your bed is too low, it is most likely to block your energy and if it is too high, it exposes the sleeper to very high levels of energy, hence a very restless night.
Bottom line is having the ability to blend comfort and style.