Why your sofas need throw-ons

Saturday June 6 2020


By Pauline Bangirana

Whenever the word interior designing is mentioned, many often think of it as so huge a project that requires hefty sums of money to accomplish. Perhaps, this is the reason we most of us find it luxurious to hire the services of interior designers.
If you are the kind that loves visiting, you must have noted that many people stop at buying sofas, a coffee table and dining table, especially for the living rooms.
Sumaya Bankiya, an interior designer, says ideas such as throw on cushons are a great and affordable way to showcase elegance, embroidery and patterns. This gives an aesthetic impression to any space where they are used.

Ronald Sserwanga, a carpenter shares that cushions can be placed anywhere and can be used for different purposes depending on the make. “Usually I ask the client how they want to use the throw ons to determine the kind of material to use. If it is strictly decoration, the throw ons are usually hard as this makes them stay in a proper position all day. I make the throw ons using fibre because it is soft and can be used for various purposes,” Sserwanga shares.

According to Phiona Kebirungi, an interior designer, cushions and throw ons are two different things. Kebirungi explains that a cushion is the part of a chair that is soft and can be used for support while a throw-on is small in size and used as a decorative accessory.
They come in different shapes, sizes, fabric such as cotton, linen, silk, leather, microfibre, suede, and velvet among others and can be used in various spaces of the house.

House corners
Depending on your adventurous nature, you can place throw ons in the corner to brighten up your day.
In case you want to create comfort and glam, place throw ons at the entrance say in an outdoor chair or bench, at a balcony or a verandah either at the back or front of the house. And this can be your garden or get away spot.
Besides adding glam to your bed, throw ons can act as head rests since they are softer than pillows.

In your prayer room
It is said that if you should be found doing anything, it is better to be found on your knees praying. Thrown ons can be placed in a prayer room or in a secluded area or altar for prayer. And when it is prayer time, you would be found on your knees comfortably on your throw on.
Emotional health
There are health benefits that come with using throw ons. Bankiya notes that if one is lonely and wants a cuddle or a hug, you have one in a throw on.
She says these are usually long and narrow, enabling you to wrap your legs and arms around them.


For a mother, throw ons can be a source of relief and protection. Kebirungi says people use throw ons as a way of protecting babies from falling when the child is learning to sit.
You can choose how to arrange them according to sizes; however you need to match them according to patterns.
Similarly, some throw cushions are designed to correct body posture for those with back problems Bankiya says.
These are specific to certain body parts so as to provide safe and healthy rest for sleep.

However, Mary Asiimwe, a fabric shop owner and dealer says the beauty in using cushions and thrown ons can best be explored when one adjusts the cushion covers.
“Today, there is a variety of cushion covers in different themes such as prayer or bible verses, home quotes, children themed cartoons, African themes and love themes,” says Asiimwe.
She says depending on the purpose, you can use different cushions for different sapces, this only sets you apart and adds sophistication to your living space.