‘Women make perfect leaders’

Saturday January 25 2020


By David S Mukooza

Tell us briefly about yourself?
I am a businessman, a law student and the current president of the School of Law at KIU. My goal is create a link between students and the real business world. I believe if you want to change society, you have to be a leader.
How different will you be from your predecessors?
I will focus on securing donations and sponsorships, donor funds from several NGO’s, civil society organisations and other stakeholders. This will fund student activities.
What inspired you?
I wanted to change students’ perception about the world of work, especially business. It is easy to have a degree but translating the skills obtained at university into money is no mean feat. I wanted to bring on board public lectures, law weeks, education trips, career talk shows and moot court competitions.
Are you nurturing a political career beyond this post?
I want to represent my people of Koboko in Parliament. Koboko has very high illiteracy levels and I want to change the status quo.
What challenges do university students face?
Life after university is a big challenge. While at campus, family and friends support students financially. But after graduation, not even parents want to know. Students lack exposure, lack of internship and job opportunities.
As a leader, how can one overcome these?
I intend to create education trips to promote the students law society. Visiting various organisations to create a rapport for students is another way of unearthing opportunities for students.
Do you think women make good leaders?
Women make perfect leaders because they are hardworking, committed and pay attention to detail. They take time to make decisions, which is a good virtue and they are mothers of the nation.

What do you want to be remembered for?
I want to be remembered as hardworking, honest and a leader with integrity.
What do you do during leisure time?
I love reading books. I also use the weekend to review operations of my business.
Is there anything people do not know about you?
People don’t know my true character. Some people think I am not approachable. On the contrary, I am a down-to-earth person.

Advice to the youth
Work hard and remember that dreams take long to yield fruit. You cannot be 26 and you want to be tycoon. Wealth is built over time. I also want to interest youth in agriculture. if you have some land at home, go and practice agriculture. Money will find you there.