Women innovate attire to solve breastfeeding challenges

Saturday April 4 2020

TIP. The designers, who seek to see that the

TIP. The designers, who seek to see that the dress becomes part of every mother’s maternity kit, say that the dress is made out of fabric whith anti allergic defender solution. The dress is currently sold at Duh-Tah Fashion House and Heaven Clothing goes for between Shs150,000- Shs200,000. 

By Gabriel Buule

The debate on whether or not women should breastfeed in public has been ongoing. There is a school of thought that believes that breastfeeding is a non-negotiable issue because it is primarily a way of feeding infants.

Antagonists believe it is an embarrassing exercise for a woman to pull out her boobs in public to feed a baby. Breasts are considered to be private parts.

In a bid to solve this challenge, a group of Ugandan innovators led by Muhangi Bomukama have designed an outfit to deal with breastfeeding myths. The dress makes it possible for a breastfeeding mother to breast anytime anywhere without necessarily showing her breasts to anyone.

The designers, who won the 2019 start-up award, include Muhangi Bomukama and Ampirwe Rita of Duh-Tah fashion house.

“Babies need to eat more often than adults. For decades, women, especially new mothers were not comfortable exposing their breasts in public places in the name of breastfeeding. We hope that this innovation will provide a lasting solution to women,” Bomukama explains.


Despite the designed attire, Bomukama says breastfeeding mother should never be forced to find a private spot for a breastfeeding, everytime a baby needs to nurse.

In light of this, Bomukama says government ought to issue a directive to all organisations and public places to gazette space for breastfeeding mothers.

“Few women have the confidence to lift their tops or dresses and expose their breast during a workshop, at a party, or anywhere to feed the baby,” she adds.

The dress that has been tried out by several mothers will solve the myth of shame and make breastfeeding experience exciting. The dress can be won at church, at office or even at a party.