You and I can do much more

Saturday August 31 2019


By Min Atek

Only the other day, we welcomed the New Year. The fireworks went off simultaneously in several places. There was much rejoicing and celebration. The year has swiftly rolled by, leaving us with barely four months to see other celebrations welcoming yet another year.

One question I continually ponder on is how much of life’s purpose I have achieved regarding the original blue print of my life. Am I counting the years or is it the other way round? There must have been a reason each of us was created.

That’s the reason we all carry distinction. That’s the reason we are each wired the way we are with different desires, talents and capabilities.
What are we doing with the potential that was deposited in us? How serious are we about the minutes, hours and the days we have at our disposal?

Often times, I have held tough conversations with the children, demanding a high level of accountability of their time and resources.
The holidays are upon us and this is a culture we should cultivate and enforce.

The school term is significantly demanding that we welcome the holidays because of the need to rest but the holidays have to be productive too. I gave a child a book to read and as he complained about the size and the time required to finish reading it, I took him to the side and asked whether pushing him to read the book was for my own good or his.

I asked him to take time and deliberately think about whether or not reading added value to him and how. Why? Because it was important for him to appreciate the rationale of nurturing a reading culture. We must own and take responsibility for all our actions and this in my opinion, is regardless of how old one is.


Life demands that we do so and it’s only those who realise this essential component that confidently say they are making the most of what is presented to them. With only four months or less left in the year, what can one do differently to make 2019 count more than simply being another year gone by? Another statistic?

What steps can one take to earn more, exercise more, eat better, invest more and make a significant difference in their own individual lives? While at it, please take a moment to wish my two precious jewels a happy birthday. They are September babies.