Binoga was born to cook

Saturday March 7 2020


By Lawrence Ogwal

Briefly tell us about yourself
I am a chef, hotelier, food scientist and culinarian.
How does it feel to be a chef for this long?
Chefs are hands-on people. They understand the value of a good meal and most of the times, they are perfectionists. The business is also lucrative.
Can one be a chef and an hotelier at the same time?
Hoteliers do hotel management and are more into service management, customer care. Chefs on the other hand must be creative enough to make mouthwatering dishes. But to answer your question, a chef can also be an hotelier.
Is this what you wanted to do as a child?
As a child, I was always in the kitchen with my mother. She was a great cook and she taught me how to prepare many dishes. During holidays, as I walked to All Saints Cathedral, I saw a signage looking for chefs to work in a restaurant and that is how I joined.
What has been your experience?
I have worked for many establishments in Uganda and I can confirm that many do not appreciate the work done by chefs.
They are paid peanuts and salary delays are the order of the day.
What have you achieved over the years?
I started 14 years ago as a cook with a certificate in catering and now I am a certified chef by the American Culinary Federation.
Over the years, I have worked as an executive chef, principal of a culinary school as well as a recipe developer.
Do you ever cook for your wife?
I cook for my wife all the time and she likes my food. I also like her food everytime she cooks.
What is your favourite dish?
I love local dishes but my favourite of all is boiled goat stew with offals and posho.
Do you ever make mistakes?
Mistakes are bound to happen even when one is a professional. Sometimes, I underestimate the budget and run out of stock. Sometimes, food may take longer than anticipated because of too many orders at the same time.
Do you hang out?
I am a reserved person. I go out but I don’t like to be in the spotlight. When I am not in the kitchen, I am in the farm.

He went to St Matias Mulumba Catholic Primary School before going to Nakasongola Army Secondary School. He later joined Nakasero Institute of Catering and Business for a catering certificate and hotel management. He also went to Jimmy Sekasi Institute of Catering to pursue a Diploma in Food Productions Operations before joining Makerere University at Food Science and Technology department. He is currently studying a Diploma in Culinary.