What legacy do you want to leave?

Saturday February 1 2020

Min Atek

Min Atek 

By Min Atek

Sunday night into Monday morning, several social media platforms were awash with the heart breaking pictures of a basketball legend, who had passed on, alongside his 13-year-old daughter in a helicopter crash.
I do not know if many are able to ignore the accompanying photos even for those who neither knew the legend nor followed basketball as a sport. I like to imagine that anyone who saw these heart wrenching moments and memories captured on camera felt a deep sense of loss and pain. I do not want to even imagine what his immediate family and his close associates are going through. The sudden sting of death is making its presence felt, even at the close start of a new year. Soon afterwards, social media was flooded with quotes and video clips of the legend, speaking of his life’s realities, overcoming his fears and pain to become who he was. Apparently, he was a hardworker, extremely committed, whose very life had inspired millions in his short life of years.
Death in its brutal finality becomes a harsh reminder of many things. Despite its repetitive nature, death continues to be one thing that shakes and shocks the old and young alike. It causes us to question ourselves, to ponder our current realities and its mysterious nature scares many across the board.
What are you doing and where are you in life? What legacy do you want to leave? Do you have a legacy, anyway? There has been a huge outpouring of grief and love toward the bereaved families and that is because Kobe Bryant impacted more than just his immediate family and community. He impacted the world. So, I ask myself again and again whether I am intentional and purposeful with the way I live, move and be? What drives me? What is really important to me and am I giving that which is important, real priority and commitment?
Sad experiences like these cause us to ask the most uncomfortable questions. We all quietly wish death did not exist. It is no respector of persons, male or female, young or old, name it.
The Bible says, “Teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts to wisdom.”