Ways to revamp your bedroom

Saturday May 2 2020


The bedroom is a very personal space. It is the one area in the house you keep your personal belongings and it is also a space you spend 1/3 of your life- sleeping.
By not having a welcoming, pleasing bedroom you can actually increase stress and you will be less likely to feel at ease and unwind.
This space can often get neglected as it is a room guests normally don’t see, so some people don’t put the effort into decorating and making the bedroom flow.
Revamping your bedroom can be as cheap or as drastic as you like. Here are ways you can make changes to your room whether they are big or small.

Rearrange the layout
You can completely change the feel of your bedroom by rearranging some furniture. If your bed is located along the side of the room, why not try centering it and making it the main feature? Why not change where your desk, cabinets are placed? Try to think how you can make the space you have more functional and appealing.

Change up the bedding
If your bed looks appealing and comfy, it can make your bedroom a calming and welcoming space. Have a couple of beautiful quilt covers and some cushions and throws. There are different types of cushions you can buy. Try to mix your bed up with a variety.

Wall Art
Adding a framed piece of artwork, photography or even cluster of framed photos will add a much more personal touch to your room.
Keep in mind that you want your room to balance so if that wall is busy with shelves, make sure the art is placed to make it even out.
If you decide to do a cluster of framed photos or art, a good tip is to arrange the layout on the floor, so you can see what sized frames look best in a certain order.

Having your clothes, shoes and accessories all organised does wonders for your mental well-being not to mention how much quicker it will be to find an outfit you want to wear instead of digging through piles of clothes you never wear! My rule is if I haven’t worn it in the last six months, take it to charity.

Mirror on the Wall
Mirrors can add some extra depth to a room, especially for smaller spaces. You can add a luxe touch with an oversized mirror or go for something like a round mirror resting on a dresser or shelf.


Adding a rug into your space can transform the overall style and feel of the room. Rugs are known for adding a lot of warmth into bedrooms. Make the rug the focal point of the entire space.

Don’t underestimate what a change of lighting can do. Add cute lamps or even drop down lights next to your bed or even a floor lamp and create a reading/ relaxing corner.