One-shoulder everything

Bare a little skin with this style that has seen fashionable women rule the catwalk and streets


BY Hassan Ssentongo


The now super saturated and ubiquitous off-the-shoulder neckline is getting serious competition, thanks to the one-shoulder neckline which is taking over the style circuit. Odds are, it is about to become the hottest neckline silhouette of the season. It is characterised by an asymmetrical cut that leaves one shoulder bare. Whether it is a long, short or sleeveless, one-shoulder pieces are all the rage.
This asymmetrical trend is much more versatile than the off-the-shoulder silhouette as it flatters almost all body shapes. Its side cut balances you out, and thus, a not so round appearance. It also works for both casual and formal looks as you basically show little skin.

How to wear your one-shoulder piece
•It is safer to go without a necklace to match with your one-shoulder top or dress. Should the look still come off as basic, a simple choker can save the day.
•For work, wear your one-shoulder blouse with a pencil skirt. You can as well pair it with trousers for a smart formal look.
•For a more formal look, you can consider a dress or top with a simple small one-shoulder cut. These reveal less without losing the beauty of the one-shoulder silhouette.
•Planning to go for a swim, hit the pool in a one-piece one shoulder swimsuit for a more modest appearance.
•A detailed one-shoulder top with, let us say, ruffle detail is what we would call a statement top, and should be worn with a simple skirt and shoes.
•Pair up your top with shorts and it’s a weekend look. Pair it with a midi skirt, and you are date night ready.
•A one-shoulder sweater is the perfect stylish cozy topper on a cold night out.

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