Boy with kidney cancer seeks help

Monday August 19 2013

Boy with kidney cancer seeks help

Ronald Opio (C), his mother, and Dr Hope Kusasira at Doctor’s Cafe, in Gulu Town where he has been recieving treatment. His mother is seeking for Shs25m to fund his operation in India. Photo by Cissy Makumbi. 

By Cissy Makumbi & Livingstone Kidega

When eight-year-old Ronald Opio was first diagnosed with wilms’tumour, his mother did not think it would later result into other life threatening infections.

For the past five years now, Opio is battling a urinary tract infection. The primary two pupil of Koro-Abili Primary School, in Koro Sub County, Gulu District says the infection has made it difficult for him to control his urine.

As a result, his classmates do not want to play with him, and at home, his friends and family shun him. Besides the stigma, Opio is also in constant pain, and has to take antibiotics and pain relief drugs every day.

“I feel a lot of pain, and I am always ashamed because the urine keeps my clothes damp,” says Opio.

His mother, Evelyn Ajok explains that although her son was diagnosed and recommended for an operation five years ago, she has failed to get the required financial help to facilitate the surgery.

Treatable condition
Dr Hope Kusasira, of Gulu Regional Referral Hospital says that Opio’s condition is treatable with an operation that could cost about Shs25m in India.


Similar operations though, he says can also be conducted at Mulago Hospital.

Dr Kusasira adds that when a person suffers from wilms’ tumour, it causes constant dripping which in turn results in infection and pain.

According to the US National Library of Medicine, Wilms’ tumour is a rare type of kidney cancer that causes a tumour on one, or both kidneys.

It usually affects children, although some adults also suffer from the condition.

Having certain genetic conditions or birth defects can increase the risk of getting it.

Children who are at risk should be screened for Wilms’ tumour every three months, until they turn eight.

The American Cancer Society states that treatment for children with wilms’ tumour that recurs depends on their prior treatment, the cancer’s history, and when it recurs.

Any person willing to help Ronald Opio can reach him through Ms Doreen Ochan on 0782236358