Ben Nsubuga: I play with my children to keep fit

Monday October 15 2018


By Phionah Nassanga

Being a businessman, Nsubuga walks a lot during the day while he delivers his clients’ orders which he says has helped him cut the extra weight.
I do not plan my daily meals but I make sure my meals include all the nutrients needed such as carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and fats, among others.

I take breakfast at 10:30am and twice a week this comprises two boiled eggs and a cup of tea. For the remaining days I choose between bread, cassava and matooke with liver.

Unlike at home, while at work in the city centre, I am careful with what I eat because most food vendors are not clean. I buy food from one trusted restaurant. If I am late and find food is finished, which is rare, I opt for a snack instead.

Fun time
Keeping healthy does not only involve eating a balanced diet or working out but also taking time off work to have fun with friends and family. I love watching football and at the weekend I play games with my children. This has kept me young and agile.

Being a busy person with a tight work schedule, I am in bed by 9pm to enable me have at least seven to eight hours of sleep.

This enables me to have enough rest and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face the day. Saturdays and Sundays are my days off work and I use these to rest and spend time with my family.

I rarely get sick. However, I regularly visit a dentist for dental checkups.