Asha Mayinja: I go to the gym twice a week

Monday September 10 2018

Asha Mayinja

Asha Mayinja 

By Phionah Nassanga

I drink a glass of warm water immediately after waking up and then take a cold bath. For breakfast, I opt for fruits and sometimes yoghurt or juice. If I am to take tea then I prefer green tea, it is recommended for weight loss and it helps with digestion complications.

That is why I endeavour to take a cup of green tea every after a meal. I also prefer taking honey with my tea and avoid sugar at all cost. Honey has low calories when compared to sugar. It is also a good remedy for cough and a sore throat.

To keep in shape I control the amount of fat I eat. I prefer eating boiled foods with lots of vegetables ranging from avocados, cucumber and tomatoes. Although I love taking juice, I do not buy it from anyone because I do not trust the water used. I, therefore, make my juice at home.

On a hot day, I drink about two and half litters of water. Between 6 and 7pm I drink tea with a simple snack. I do not eat food after 8pm because I do not sleep on a full stomach.

I go to the gym twice a week, carry light weights between 10 and 20 for my arms, aerobics and do push-ups that help to trim my tummy. At the weekend I jog for about one hour. After birth I resume exercising after three months but I also take caution of what I eat during that period so that I avoid adding too much weight.

I avoid self-medication because I fear becoming addicted to some medications. I therefore go for medical checkups every after three months.

For my children’s health, for simple ailments such as cough and flu I use home remedies such as garlic, aloe Vera and lemon. To boost their immunity, I use food supplements such as cod liver oil and multi-vitamins.