Can I be pregnant and still get my period?

Monday March 25 2019


By Dr Vincent Karuhanga

My husband and I have been trying to have a baby in vain. We were intimate almost two weeks ago and my period started two days ago. I have also been drinking excess water for three days and have been urinating more than 10 times a day. Am I pregnant even after getting my period? Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,
The kidneys are important in water regulation in our bodies so if you drink excess water, you will pass excess urine. When one gets pregnant, the enlarging uterus will press on the softer bladder hence limiting the capacity of the bladder, making the bladder fill more often, resulting in frequent urination as well.
When a woman of child-bearing age misses a period, she may be deemed to be pregnant but passing urine more often when drinking lots of fluids may not be an indicator of pregnancy given that you have had your period.

Taking long to get pregnant after trying hard may lead to lots of stress, sometimes accompanied by frequent passage of urine even without drinking lots of water.
You need to visit a gynaecologist to help you get pregnant instead of suspecting you are pregnant when you get any slight symptom of pregnancy.

A few women may have vaginal bleeding when they are pregnant but this is usually abnormal, requiring investigating a threatened miscarriage or a miscarriage itself.
But still, pregnancy tests have to be carried out first to confirm that one is actually bleeding in pregnancy and not because they are having a normal period.