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Dealing with worry

Tuesday October 16 2018


By Joan Salmon

Many of us worry ourselves sick but I know for a fact that worrying cannot get you anywhere. So first things first, problem-solve, rather than worry.

We have to appreciate that worrying is inefficient in problem solving. So the next time you start worrying, shift gears and start considering what needs to be done to get you out of the issue at hand.

Get practical solving ideas because worrying does not take the issue away. With that, do not dwell on ‘what if’ questions, it will not get you anywhere rather than wasting your thinking time because all these ‘what if’s’ will never happen. Rather, turn the ‘what if’ to ‘how can I’ for practical solutions.

However, learn to accept uncertainty because it is a fact of life; you cannot control everything, some unexpected things will happen. Accepting this will help you move on rather than wallow in worry.

You also need to look for ways to lift your mood when worry sets in but that does not encompass destructive activities such as drug abuse.

You should also not suppress unwanted worries for it is wise to notice them and then move one to doing something useful.