Every day activities to help you keep fit

Monday June 22 2020

Shopping for groceries not only involves

Shopping for groceries not only involves walking but also carrying your purchases back home, which is a great workout. 

By Joan Salmon

The world of technology has blessed us with one too many ways to get things done faster with almost no personal involvement. These help us get several things done at the click of a finger. More to that, there are maids who are tasked to do all the house chores that technology will not address.
However, this deprives you of that much needed activity that you need after hours of sitting at the desk.

Carrying your child
Brian Kasasa, a sports scientist, says playing with your child is almost like lifting weights. “Throwing them up and catching them could be as an alternative for weight lifting and will be a good alternative for power building.” So if you are struggling with strengthening your muscles or feel lazy to try lifting weights in the gym, this is an easy way to start.

Wash your car
Rather than pay the car-wash a visit, Walter Nangosha prefers to do it himself. “Over the years, I have resorted to washing my car myself. Apart from saving me money, it helps me stretch a bit without feeling the pressure as one would were they to do stretches intentionally. It also comes with several squats as I reach to wash the lower parts of the car,” he shares. While it comes with a lot of work, the rewards are immense health-wise.

Go to the grocery store
Rather than send her maid to the market to do the shopping, Rosalinda Mukisa has resorted to doing it herself. “On Saturday morning, I ditch the car and walk to the market. My usual spot is Nabagereka Market in Kireka because it has the foods I need. Here, I do the week’s shopping and wait for my husband to pick it up before I walk back home,” she says.
“Walking helps me to stretch my legs after a week of sitting. It also helps me clear my head hence avoiding piling up fatigue, week after week. Walking through the market aisles helps me to cool down and I ensure that rather than ask a someone to help me carry my purchases, I do it myself which strengthens my grip and wrists,” she adds.

Kasasa says this can be a good option for flexibility of the hamstrings (thighs) when bending over. “It can also work on joint flexibility for the ankles and knees while the up and down movements between kneeling and standing can be good alternatives to lunges that build leg power,” he shares.

Slashing the compound
This is another good alternative to work your biceps and triceps with the constant sways. “Muscular as well as cardio- vascular endurance is also put to test with slashing since the same muscles get attention all through. This will create reserve energy for you to do more activities,” Kasasa shares.


Window shopping
While many are resorting to e-shopping, Eva Mulamuzi has chosen to do it the old way. “Because I do not work at the weekend, I have a lot of me time and one of the things I do is window shopping. It gives me time to clear my mind and stretch,” she shares.

Moving household items
Changing the position of items such as jerrycans, chairs will require mobilisation of major muscles such as abdominals, legs and hands, thus leading to the exhaustion of the extra unburnt calories in the body. “This in return helps to cut extra unused fat in the tummy and hands,” Kasasa explains.

Rather than have your maid do all the cleaning around the home, you may want to do some of it yourself. Therein lies gardening and maintaining the compound. Moses Luttu makes it a point to weed around his home coupled with the gardens that make up the home on a weekly basis. “This allows me time to ensure my compound is clean while also getting a little healthier through the bending, rising and kneeling movements,” he shares.