Home vs gym workout: The benefits

Monday September 16 2019

To go to the gym or to stay home and exercise

To go to the gym or to stay home and exercise in your own space, that is the question. Working out from home has a number of advantages. PHOTO | ROBBIE FITNESS 

By Robert Ddamulira

Fitness is becoming a lifestyle,and workout freaks have gone an extra mile to embrace home workouts instead of going to a public gym. Afterall, even at home, fitness goals can be achieved.
Some of the reasons why home workouts are being embraced more than gym workouts include the following;

Time saving
Many people skip going to the gym because it takes up a lot of time. Having to drive, walk or take a bodaboda to gym, working out and making the return journey is time consuming. Opting for a home routine since all is done within the same premises is better.

Money Saving
A home routine saves transport costs, gym fees, trainer fees among others. Instead, spend money on buying equipment for instance a treadmill to be used at your time of convenience.

No need for fancy clothes
Many of people stress out when it comes to looking good at the gym Especially if the gym is popular and usually overcrowded.
With home workouts, this stress is done away with.

Abs are made in the kitchen
Most people, especially those who are new to the fitness lifestyle consider the gym the Holy Grail when it comes to losing weight, toning up, or just building muscle. The truth is that the gym or working out, in general, contributes only 20 per cent to achieving your fitness goals. The most important thing people should focus on more is making sure that they eat right.

You can listen to whatever you want
Music matters alot when it comes to boosting one’s workout mood. At home, you get to select your own music unlike at the gym where you simply workout to whatever is played.
Much as opting for home workouts is good, one should not completely rule out goind to the gym. The gym is where you learn new routines and also get to connect with other people.