How to work out without ruining your hair

Monday March 16 2020

If you sweat while exercising, then a headband

If you sweat while exercising, then a headband will protect your hair. Internet Photo 

By Carolyne B. Atangaza

There is nothing better than a good workout session. Not only does it do wonders for your body, but it is good for your hair. But with all these amazing benefits, there is nothing more frustrating than your hair getting sweaty, smelly and frizzled afterwards.

Some women have confessed to skipping exercise altogether, especially when their hair is not braided or plaited. Others often end up having to go to the hair salon after their workout.

Yet, Abdu Muwanga, a hair therapist, dissuades the regular use of shampoo because it is said to eliminate the natural oils away from the scalp which makes hair dry.

Keeping hair in braids and plaits too, weakens it and has been linked to premature receding hairlines.

“Your hair is very delicate when it is wet, so how you care for it after your session makes all the difference,” Muwanga notes.

Skip the shampoo
When washing your hair after the workout, Muwanga recommends gently detangling it first. He says a hair detangling spray will soften the hair and detangle the knots stuck in your strands.
“Spray some detangling spray and brush with a wide tooth comb or use your fingers. When it is all lose, wash the hair using lukewarm water and condition it. You can skip the shampoo once in a while, especially when you use warm water, because using it too often could cause damage to the hair,” Muwanga advises.


Muwanga reccomends skipping the blow dryer and just towel your hair dry once in a while, especially after a workout to avoid hair damage.

Stimulate your hair
A good hair brushing session will help detangle hair knots, especially at the roots, and is beneficial for your scalp. Muwanga reveals that the scalp produces natural oils during a workout session.

“These oils are great for your hair and brushing is a good way to distribute natural oils through the hair to the ends. Brushing also encourages blood to rise to the surface of the scalp. The increased blood flow to the hair follicles in turn stimulates hair growth,” he explains.

The hair expert, however, cautions against brushing too much as it may cause friction and damage the cuticle. “Some hair has been weakened by all the chemicals and heat, so extra caution is advised when brushing. Regardless of its state, hair must be brushed carefully,” he adds.

Control the sweat
Betty Laboso, a hair stylist, recommends wearing a sweatband that will help absorb sweat during a workout.

“Much as we love seeing a good sweat when we work out, it can be damaging to our hair if left to dry on the hair because of its salt content,” Laboso says. She advises using a thick, soft sweatband preferably made out of a soft cotton material.

Loosen your strands
According to Laboso, another effective way to control sweat is styling the hair up and away from the nape of the neck in a loose top knot or ponytail.

She also recommends other hair styles that will let the hair breathe such as the pineapple, cornrows or braids that also keep your curls off your face and neck, which will reduce contact with sweat.

“When hair is protected this way, it can even stay for a week without the need to wash it,” says Laboso.

Laboso reminds us that our hair is ultimately affected by our body’s health condition. She advises eating a healthy and balanced diet and staying sufficiently hydrated.